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What to Expect

I’m coming for the first time. What should I expect?

Ridge Road has a “schedule” for its services but openly declares that, in no terms, we want to stifle the movement of God. Testimonies are commonplace. Ridge Road is known as a Biblical Baptist church, which means praising God is encouraged. It will not be surprising to find many raising their hands in praise, or shouting their approval or agreement with the pastor as he preaches from God’s Holy Word. Expect the unexpected!


Service Time & Location


10:00am  Sunday School
No matter your age we have a Sunday School class for you. We have a thriving Sunday School program designed to challenge and increase your knowledge of God's Word.

11:00am  Morning Worship
We believe in Biblical Worship. We often begin our services in prayer, followed by congregational songs and choir singing. Our pastor, Bro. Chris Hewett, will then bring a message from the Word of God.


5:30pm Prayer Room

This is a time of prayer and fellowship with other church members to help grow our prayer list and our prayer lives. 

6:00pm  Evening Worship
We often have some of our sweetest services in the evening. Although laid out similarly to our morning services, God often blesses this service in a peculiar way. Don't miss what God has for you!


7:00pm  Thursday Evening
An offering is taken, specifically dedicated to provide for the mission works that Ridge Road Baptist Church supports.

The evening message from God’s Word is then presented.

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